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    Now, it’s time for people to stand up to J&J – join the Chili Pepper Eating Challenge now!

    Now, it’s time for people to stand up to J&J – join the Chili Pepper Eating Challenge now!

    Міжнародна організація “Лікарі без кордонів” дає старт онлайн кампанії, яка спрямована на зниження ціни протитуберкульозного препарату Бедаквілін.

    Інформація про кампанію наведена нижче.


    The drug corporation Johnson & Johnson (J&J) is probably most well-known for its signature baby shampoo product and its promise of  #NoMoreTears.

    It is a reminder of happy babies and bubbly bath times. Yet behind this cuddly image, J&J is perpetuating the suffering and loss of hundreds of thousands of people affected by tuberculosis (TB).

    Instead of #NoMoreTears, we are witnessing tragedies every day in families and communities where TB has a grip. By setting the price of the lifesaving drug bedaquiline too high, J&J is, in effect, withholding desperately needed treatment from hundreds of thousands of people living with TB.

    Now, it’s time for people to stand up to J&J – join the Chili Pepper Eating Challenge now!

    We are turning up the heat on J&J with our spicy Chili Pepper Eating Challenge, calling on the corporation to drop the price of TB drug bedaquiline to a dollar a day. We are challenging ourselves to eat whole chilies without crying — “no tears” – and as we do so, we will demand that J&J stop putting profits over people’s lives.

    Using the format of the Ice Bucket Challenge, the concept is as follows:

    • Introduce yourself on video, explain that you’re doing this challenge to protest the high price of Johnson & Johnson’s lifesaving TB drug
    • Film yourself eating the chili (trying not to cry)
    • Nominate a friend to do the challenge next
    • Finally, upload the video to social media using the hashtag #NoMoreTears.

    If you want to promote the challenge to your colleagues, members and online audiences you can use our Chili Pepper Eating Challenge toolkit here:


    The package includes

    • GIF
    • Mobilizing video that demonstrates the challenge and explains how to do it step by step
    • Guidelines
    • Newsletter text if you want to inform your members / partners

    Click here to watch the mobilizing video and for detailed tips and guidance:  www.msfaccess.org/nomoretears

    Take Care as You Take on the Challenge

    Please take care when you’re doing this! Not recommended for children or individuals who have a medical condition that could be aggravated by eating chilis.

    How do I take part?

    Record your video in a quiet place, you can do a solo video or do it with a friend (see example videos from MSF UK staff in the “How-To Guidelines” linked through Dropbox above). You’ll also find in the How-To Guidelines some text that you can use in the caption when you post your video and a script guide that you can roughly follow so you know what to say on camera. Don’t feel you have to stick too strictly to this script – we want you to be natural.

    Video tip: be mindful of what’s in the background while you are filming so that it doesn’t distract from the main action. Also, please make sure that anyone who appears in your video is aware of how it is going to be used.

    Please keep us updated if you post videos and remember to encourage people to use the hashtag #NoMoreTears! We want this challenge to continue at least until World TB Day (March 24th) and we’re hoping it will extend beyond the MSF Network and movement, so let’s do as much as we can to re-ignite this mobilization effort moving forward!

    Партнерство “Зупинимо туберкульоз. Україна” / “Stop TB. Ukraine” Partnership

    e-mail: stoptbukraine@gmail.com

    FB: https://www.facebook.com/StopTB.Ukraine/